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By Andy Scott, 01/15/21, 7:45AM EST


Lancaster Ice Rink Youth Hockey Game Protocol

• Each team will be assigned a locker room for the duration of the game. Only team managers, coaches and goaltenders are allowed in the locker room. These individuals may enter the facility no earlier than 25 minutes prior to posted game time. Goaltenders may dress/undress in the locker room. For younger age groups, a parent may help the goaltender dress as long as Safe Sport guidelines are followed. Female goaltenders may use the Girls locker room.

• Players may enter the facility no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the posted game time. Players must be fully dressed with the exception of skates and helmet in order to enter the facility. Players may not bring hockey bags into the building (except goaltenders). A small bag for shoes, COVID mask and the like are allowed. Players should tie their skates in the areas designated (see diagram at bottom of document). Players may NOT enter locker rooms at any time per AAHA direction.

• Younger players may have a parent help with tying skates. After the player is dressed, the parent must exit the building.

• Once players are dressed, any small bags should be given to a coach to put in the team locker room for safe-keeping. Players should wait to enter the ice along the boards opposite the locker rooms. Social distance should be maintained.

• After the game, both teams will exit the ice through the door on the bench side at the home end of the ice. The Firebirds will exit first followed by the Visitors. Players should find an open chair or free space on the bench seating area to untie their skates. Goaltenders and coaches may exit on the locker room side of the ice and proceed to their locker room. Coaches should bring any small player bags directly to the players where they are untying their skates. A parent may help a younger player untie their skates.

• Masks must be worn at all times inside the building (including on the ice). It is the individual player’s responsibility to wear the mask properly on the ice (rink staff will not be policing proper mask wearing). Reminders

• Temperature checks will be conducted upon entry into the facility

• Please do not move any chairs – they have been placed six feet apart to maintain proper social distancing.

• The bench seating area has been marked with yellow tape to ensure proper social distancing. Only one player per space please.

• Players should exit the facility no more than five minutes after the conclusion of the game. We ask that everyone do their best to follow the protocols as laid out. We all have the same goal of making sure that our children are able to enjoy playing hockey through this trying time.