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By Larry Courville, 06/10/20, 7:45AM EDT


Many people are wondering how player evaluations will work for this season and why there is a need to register prior to evaluations taking place.  The simple answer is that evaluations will be conducted in the same way as they have been in past years, but because rinks in the Atlantic District span many different jursidictions, it is likely that re-opening dates will vary widely.  This is one of the main reasons why the AAHA decided on a single registration date, requiring all Tier II clubs to offer player agreements no earlier than June 11.  This will allow all clubs to have an idea of how many teams they will field at each level and will not place clubs whose rinks re-open later than others at a disadvantage.

Regardless of when the Lancaster Ice Rink re-opens, Firebirds travel evaluations will be held as they have in past years.  There will be three evaluation sessions for all age levels except 6U/8U which will have one.  At the Hockey Director's discretion, further evaluation sessions may be scheduled if deemed necessary.  Evaluations will conducted by non-parent evaluators as in the past.  Anyone with further questions regarding evaluations can reach out to our Hockey Director - Larry Courville.