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By Andy Scott, 06/10/20, 7:45AM EDT


Without access to a gym, some of you may be struggling a little with what to do to prepare for evaluations and the season.  If you are looking for an excellent all-round conditioning workout, I have attached a video link below.  The workout is presented in a follow-along video that takes only about 25 minutes (3 sets of 8 mins) and does not require any equipment and very little space.

My recommendation is to start on the beginner level but do three sets (about 25 minutes total).  Do it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday-OFF, Friday, Saturday and Sunday-OFF.  Do two weeks at the beginner level, two weeks at intermediate and then two weeks at advanced.  Don't be fooled by the short duration - this workout will gut you (in a good way)!  If three sets are too much to start - back off and start with one and work your way up.  You'll find out very quickly how much you can tolerate.

Andy Scott - Excel Hockey Group